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Everland is a series that explores blending tangible and intangible presence. The moment of slipping from wakefulness into sleep and yet not being fully in either domain. 


Much of the inspiration for these landscapes came from driving along highways taking me from one place to another. In and of themselves, the views were not the point of the journey. Yet, the photographs I took have all become important reminders of the time space continuum we think of as travel.


We often hear that it is the journey, and not the destination that is important. These pictures capture (the essence of) a journey whose destination I was trying hard to avoid: the loss of a close friend to cancer.


I use acrylic paint and a variety of brushes and tools to draw out layers of the landscapes. Color is secondary in these works. I am exploring subtlety of hue as it discovers itself in shape. While perspective is suggested, it is not the purpose of the work. Perspective only lets us know that there is depth and space, but it doesn’t necessarily indicate time. In these works, I have tried to capture time over depth and space to show the aspect of time as a finite dimension. Measured as years of life lived, time IS a finite dimension. 


The title, “Everland”, reminds us of the paradox of time which is its expansive and contractive, finite and infinite nature. The tangible aspect of land grounds the intangible concept of forever, harnessing time’s infinite quality to the temporariness of life in a physical body, which we will all experience as finite after all. 

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