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June 6- July 9    Gordy's Sichuan Cafe         Renewal - Solo Show

Southill, Spokane

July 7- Aug 2     New Moon Gallery               Lifting the Veil- Group Show

East Sprague, Spokane

July 15              CDA Park Art Fest

Brown's Addition, Spokane

Aug 12 & 13     Arborcrest Art & Glass Fair

Spokane Valley      

Sept 1- Oct 4   Chase Gallery                       Group Show

Downtown, Spokane

Oct 6- Nov 2    Helix Wine Tasting Room       Solo Show

Downtown, Spokane



Nov, 2022        Celebrating Women Fine Art Experience      Group Show


Oct, 2022         Terrain Fall Event                                           Group Show

Oct, 2022         Orbiting Misfits New Moon Art Gallery          Group Show                                       


Oct, 2022         Spokane Riverfront Fall Fest Artist Fair

Sept, 2022        Spokane ValleyFest


Aug, 2022         Arborcrest Art & Glass Fair  


Aug, 2022         The Clutch Movement Center and Café      Solo Show

July, 2022          Emerging Artists New Moon Art Gallery      Group Show 


May, 2022         Thinning the Veil   New Moon Art Gallery     Solo Show


Aug, 2022         Nudus   Online International                         Group show    

Feb, 2022          Everland   Helix Wines                                  Solo show

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