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scan_2023-05-31_18-41-33 wc 8x8 with 2 inch border.jpg

Rich with texture, color, pattern and contrast, Smitten was birthed upon my return to Washington in Spring 2023. 

Look closely and you'll see all the subtle variations amongst the more contrasted elements, the quiet and the loud conversations at play. 

I called this piece "Smitten" because I fell in love and knew I would not let this piece go. On the edge of leaving my Mexico home and entering my Washington home, birthing a piece of art that so captures my heart like this one did helps to ground and orient me, getting me ready to find my bearings in the other home I've been estranged from for a half year. While I love my life, all the fun, creative and contrasting pieces of it, the adjustments can be a bit jarring. When I land heart and soul in my art it helps me greatly.

I hope you'll enjoy it as I do.

Blessings and light,


Framing Suggestions

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