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To Sign or Not to Sign

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

I've been really hesitant to sign my paintings, especially the abstracts, partly because they might want to be hung in a different orientation depending on the collectors preference.

But there are other reasons having to do with self worth.

I've decided to move through my hang ups around it and sign all my new work in this series for the solo show I'm hanging today, opening first Friday, tomorrow at Helix Wines.

This summer I went to see the Beyond Van Gogh exhibit in Victoria. The segment that moved me the most was the animation of his signatures as if you were seeing them being painted, each one slightly unique and authentic.

I get teary just remembering it. Imagining Vincent having the pride to claim his worth for each piece of beauty he birthed in this world, regardless of whether anyone else cared or approved. I'm aspiring to that level of devotion and self worth. I guess that's why I keep doing things that challenge it.

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