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Resilience and Hope

Updated: Nov 16


24 x 36

Acrylic and Cold Wax Finish

"Willow" tells the story of how sensual beauty can thrive in the midst of even a harsh reality.

Sustaining hope in the face of tragedy, a tree grows and thrives in a concrete jungle.

My brief stint in academia, I was a part time student in the Fine Arts dep't of Concordia university in Montreal in my early 20's. I learned quickly that I do not easily thrive in a large institution in the middle of a bustling city. The other thing I learned, when I accidentally ended up in an Urban Planning class, is that even the biggest and busiest of cities are planned to include expressions of nature, otherwise the inhabitants would go crazy, literally.

Willow is a testimony to our resilience and enduring hope in the midst of crisis. We can't give up on either.

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