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Energy Inspired

I've been on a roll with my trees lately. The latest is the one shown above. I'm preparing for a Spokane Fall show of all new work and loving all the room I have to breathe, a whole half year, to pull this body of new work together. 
You wouldn't believe how crazy the woods are here in Mexico. Every tree and vine unique. I couldn't make it up if I tried. Fortunately I don't have to because mother nature's imagination is inexhaustible. It strikes me as funny that sometimes I go looking for evidence of nature's sense of humor, the strangely meandering vines, trees that weave in and out of each other, intricate creative patterns carved by insects,etc. When I come across these interesting, almost psychedelic details I get excited to include them in my work. 
However, a lot of what I weave into my forests is also improvised and happens spontaneously. Ideas emerge from my subconscious, likely planted there by forays on my local hiking trails. While I am always considering principles of design, color, value, etc, I'm also trying to get out of the way enough for magic to just happen through me. 
A beach friend recently shared her experience of my forest paintings: "In meditation I feel like I connect with the energy and personalities of plants. I see their energy fields and it’s almost like I can see their pulse and personalities in space and time. Your paintings remind me of what I experience in meditation." 
Coincidentally, her comment fits really well with the book I'm reading now, The Other Side; A story of women in art and the spirit world. See the link below (along with other upcoming fun stuff). Hearing others' reflections of my paintings intrigues me. It helps to open my own eyes and mind to see more of the layers going on in my art. That's one reason why sharing it is such a fulfilling addition to making it. The gift of connection is another really big one for me. Thank you for sharing your insights and for inviting me and my art into your world! 

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