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Easing Transitions

I've just landed in my winter home in Troncones, Mexico via a few fun days visiting friends in Palm Springs. This twice yearly migration each November and May is an interesting experience, some of it challenging. Packing, (which includes packing, unpacking, repacking) is one of them. Leaving behind one reality and stepping into another is also one of them.

I started a recapitulation practice many years ago that helps me land and adjust. Once I settle in I spend a few days mentally reviewing the previous six months as accuratey as possible. This helps me take stock and appreciate all that I've lived and experienced, reminds me of who I was, who I'm becoming, the things I've learned and perhaps who I am hoping to be by the end of the next six month adventure.

In my practice I journeyed through the art making and the art showing, the people who touched my life and who invited me to touch theirs.

I feel so grateful for having met and meaningfully connected with so many interesting and art loving individuals.

In six months from now, on my return to WA, I'll be recapitulating this moment. It's a great incentive to make each moment of my life matter, regardless of where I am. It's these moments that add up to the many wonderful memories that are the tapestry of my life, the stuff that meaningful paintings are made of.

Smitten is one such painting. It was birthed upon my return to WA last Spring. I fell in love with this piece as it found completion which explains its name.

Rich with texture, pattern, layered color, subtle and loud conservations, it's essence is the giddyness of first love.

Being so smitten with the first piece completed after my return greatly helped to ground me while I got my bearings in my other half year home. Recapitulation and making art are two of the ways I ease the stress of the twice yearly migrations.

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