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Body Stories


The body was my obsession for 30 years. As a massage therapist, facilitator of yoga, dance, and embodied spirituality, I cultivated my own deepest sense of home through my body.


A map of consciousness, the body tells a story, many stories.  Our culture's obsession with body standards, most women's need to conform to those standards, and the sad reality that we are resourcing our self worth from being accepted for our bodys' conformability, disturbs the innocence of that story and our appreciation for the beauty and sacredness of this temple that we are blessed to call home. 

In this series, using acrylic, collage and reverent patience, I have sought to capture the essence of each expression of aliveness that we call a life in a body and to communicate the blessing of the journey in these body suits as a gift to be cherished and nurtured. 

inked all over art
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