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Joni M Series

Acrylic mixed media on archival paper
blending washes, impasto, collage, glazes 
and an array of mark making tools.

Joni Mitchell is such a profound influence in my life. Her music and art continue to touch me so deeply with her stirring lyrics, versatile range, humor and irreverence. As a fellow Canadian, she's always felt like a sister. Scroll down to read about my Joni (girl crush) live sightings and see expanded versions of each of the pieces.

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Reproductions Framed in Situ 
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Joni Sightings


I was blessed to bump into the divine Ms M in the Piazza Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy where I was living and studying art in my early 20’s. What a crazy coincidence, especially because my best friend in Florence, Kate from Wales, (spending a semester in Florence writing her college discertation on Women Artists), and I, both had a crazy big crush on Joni. We were completely flabbergasted when she sauntered into the piazza out of the blue, and sat down at a table near us at an outdoor cafe. You can imagine how bowled over we were. I'm sure we were blushing with embarrassment, gushing and staring like idiots. Everything we were in Florence to learn and experience, the epicenter of the renaissance art world, went out the window, trumped by the miracle of our music idol materializing in the flesh!

My 2nd Joni siting happened about 10 years later when I got to hear her speak at the Sechelt Writers Festival up the road from where I lived on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Canada in the 90’s. With her long blond hair trailing down her back, leaning on the podium in an unbuttoned suit jacket (cream colored as I recall), sharing her insights and humor about life and art, she casually lit up a cigarette, mocking the gasps uttered by the crowd. No one dared reprimand her, (she’s Joni Mitchell after all), and it just added to our authentic experience of her Joni M badass self. As a Canadian myself, Joni has always felt like a sister!

Why so much pink, you may be wondering? For me, pink has so many dimensions. From hushed baby tones to brash neon and everything in between.

So very Joni!

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