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By women
For women

Lake Spokane (Fun &) Fine Art Experience

Celebrating Women

Sunday November 6, 2022


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 Girl friends/family very welcome!




Join us for a fun time ooing and awing over beautiful treasures crafted by soul inspired women, impromtu poetry readings & book launch, playful photo ops! 


Need more excuses?  Early gift shopping, a gorgeous scenic drive to beautiful Nine Mile, yummy stuff to nibble and sip on, a chance to hang out with other creatively passionate women art lovers!

Your Host: Leela Francis

In celebration of my very first Open Studio, much of my original work will be 20% off.

Participating Artists:

Leela Francis

Leela Francis headshot

I am a mixed media painter using acrylic and collage across genres. I've been accused of being too "all over the map" and I kind of like that! I dabble in abstracts and landscapes and especially love the nude female form as my muse & subject. After 30 years of being a massage therapist, yoga and dance teacher, I'm loving channeling my passion for the body into honest art that moves us from shaming to claiming our beautiful bodies!

amber wyckoff headshot

My artistic vision is expressed through the use of mixed metals; silver & copper. The creative journey begins with raw materials. I saw, stamp, solder and stone set all my pieces by hand. I LOVE working with fire! I believe jewelry should be worn every day, no matter the occasion, wear the art. Happy Adornment!~


Leela Francis Art
Layers of land Leela Francis Art
amber wyckoff rings on hands
amber wyckoff jewlery
amber wyckoff jewelry
angie brown portrait

The concept of vintage clothing, and carrying on a "linen lineage" of sorts warms my soul.  My passion for fashion and self expression has always been deeply woven throughout my entire being.  Sharing that with others is truly a treasure I cherish.  Bringing happiness through garments warms my heart.  All should feel free expression, and most definitely wear as their personality chooses to shine brightest.

Amber Wyckoff

Angie Brown

angie brown portrait
angie brown portrait

Treasure Anne Dragseth

With 28 years of custom picture framing experience, I've achieved a style of design I am proud of. I offer a fresh, unique, boutique experience you won't find anywhere else. Using high end materials and creative, out of the box ideas, I've received  the reputation of finishing unfinished art.

Treasure It Frame It
Treasure It Frame It
Treasure It Frame It

Women birth magic through our hands!

Cocooned Leela Francis Art

Diane Sherman

Diane Sherman has a passion for understanding what makes life meaningful. She loves to learn from other cultures and look within her heart for her own answers. She has a master’s in Arts and Consciousness and is a certified yoga teacher.

A teacher and retreat leader for 25

years, she is also an avid painter, art

journaller and is wild about dancing. 


Author and poet, Diane will share

these gifts with us. 

Diane Sherman art
Diane Sherman Bio Image

Michelle Schneider

Inspired by the majesty of the Western United States, Michelle focuses on thoughtful design, quality of form, and subtle, earthy finishes to create pottery that captures the inspiration, serenity, and sincerity of nature.  She seeks out wild materials, such as clay and wood ash, to add another layer of connection and interest. The pottery is thrown on an electric wheel or hand formed, using stoneware clay. Functional pots are glazed, using hand mixed glazes in an earthy, calm palette. Michelle is thankful for every day she spends in her studio and loves the lifelong learning the artistic life provides. 

Michelle Schneider cups
Michelle Schneider
Michelle Schneider plates
Michelle Schneider pots

Please RSVP by text, email or subscribe
Address given with RSVP

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